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Subcontracted Electricity

AKSOY Engineering, involved in various project and consulting services in electricity sector. The Company completes its projects with own professional staff as well as maintaining support from allied companies whenever needed. Complete electricity infrastructure for industrial zones, commercial buildings, hotels, residential buildings, schools, hospitals and production facilities. Lighting for parcs, gardens, roads and sports facilities. Subcontracted electricity business for construction companies; Energy transportation/distribution and transforming centers Various electrical cabinets? and enclosures? assembly and installation:

- Main electrical distribution cabinets
- Compensation enclosures
- Distribution and automation enclosures
- Generator control box High Voltage Electicity
- 6,3-34,5 kV - Earthing
- Lightning rods
- Internal and external lighting systems
- Galvanized cable tubes
- Energy distribution with Ko and Kb type busbar system Low voltage electricity;
- Cabling for machine commands
- PLC and SCADA automation systems
- Fire detection and alarm systems
- Closed circuit television (CCTV) and passage control systems
- Computer data lines
- Telephone, Intercom, Announcing systems
- Theft security and protection systems